In Rhetoric, I include in-class writing for February 15th, Writing Preferences, class journals, and reading journals as evidence.

Conventional writing in the past typically meant academic forms of expression solely. However, I have had the opportunity to expand on personal, academic, and professional forms of expression in Writing 10. Examples of each type can be demonstrated in material from as early as the first week (the diagnostic essay), and up to the most recent writing—my 4th essay. Although both of these papers had to follow academic guidelines, the multiple interpretations of the prompts allowed me to include personal views or anecdotes, while keeping a professional method. I believe the flexibility and yearning for creativity has elicited true efforts and contemplation; thus, improving my skills in all areas of writing.

Throughout this course, we have had to write reflections for each reading assignment, as well as document the happenings of each class. Because of these tasks, I have progressed in my ability to summarize, analyze, and communicate ideas. This can be proven by examining my progressing grades in essays (starting with a B+ and working my way toward an A- and hopefully an A or A+ on my 4th and final essay). In addition, my in-class writing assignments have progressed with routine.

In-class Writing for February 15
Writing Preferences
Class Journals
Reading Journals

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