In Ethics, I include works cited pages as evidence.

For this class, research was required for several assignments. In my first essay, I clearly needed knowledge on In Cold Blood when writing about it, as well as in-text citations as evidence to support my claims. This was done with ease thanks to the successful presentations and discussions that confirmed any doubts about areas in the book. For the second essay, a historical framework required lots of research. I chose to write about music of the 1960’s and the correlation with the Vietnam War. Thanks to the librarian teaching us how to navigate online databases, I used an article written specifically on music of the 1960’s. The third essay, an analysis of the translation between Breakfast at Tiffany’s the book versus the film, required research of various mediums. Google, my most reliable search engine, allowed me to find the script of the movie as well as interviews with Capote on his view of the remake of his story. For the fourth and final essay, a multiple-choice prompt, I chose to analyze an object of art—my own art. This was interesting because I incorporated several influences and resources into one paper, such as anecdotal information on my grandmother, personal sharing of my own artistic interests, and the subject of my piece.

I actually find that my researching abilities are much more advanced than they were in high school. Not only are there infinite resources available, but I have learned what is credible, relevant, and helpful for expressing my ideas. The only major complaint would be that I sometimes had difficulty narrowing down the scope of search, either due to a broad topic or uncertainty of what I hoped to collect.


Works Cited Pages

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