In Collaboration, I include both my GLD powerpoints as evidence.

My experience with collaborative work in this class has been refreshingly positive. In the past, I was not too fond of group projects, but the design of this course is very unique to any classes I have taken before. Much of the work revolves around teamwork and class discussions, which I find effective for learning about course material, as well as peer perspectives. For both of my Group Led Discussions, I was paired with reliable, hard-working students that made the presentation laidback and enjoyable. The Group Led Discussions I have participated in have been fairly thought-provoking, allowing me to witness various viewpoints surrounding a subject. In addition, even peer-editing papers—a once-dreadful activity—has been helpful throughout this course. I have discovered that having a stranger read and grade my work has actually enhanced my performance to write to the best of my ability.

The only concern or critique I would have for the collaborative efforts of this course would be what many of us have been guilty of at some point or another: not being caught up on the reading due for that day. When this occurs, it is not only difficult to contribute ideas, but it also makes it hard for the presenters to bring about discussion. Whether we are preoccupied with other assignments, sick with an illness, or just plain forgetful; staying on track with readings is not the easiest task for everybody.

GLD: Breakfast at Tiffany’s PPT
GLD: Revolt of the Cockroach People (Conclusion) PPT

The responses I replied to for the Capote blogging were Isabel Rosales’, Sam Granados’, and Jenna Cantu’s.

The responses I replied to for the Breakfast at Tiffany’s blogging were Grace Diaz’s, Patrick Talbot’s, and Mai Thao’s.

The responses I replied to for The Wizard of Oz blogging were Brenda Rojo’s, Antonio Valero’s, and Joel Woolfork’s.

The responses I replied to for the Collaboration blogging were Sam Granados’, Joel Woolfork’s, and Mai Thao’s.

The responses I replied to for the Inception blogging were Antonio Valero’s, Isabel Rosales’, and Ruben Garcia’s.

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